From Field of Cows

I had a few spare stepper motors lying around and was wondering what to do with them. I Googled around a bit and discovered CNCzone. This is a fantastic forum where some very talented people have designed some amazing machines. Some of them have kindly posted plans for these machines on the forum.

I wanted one. Having read the relevant forums and talked to a few people it seems the JGRO CNC router was the one to build. The advantage of this machine is that it uses no specialised parts (such as expensive linear bearings) and it can be built entirely using standard tools.

The machine was fantastic but did have it's limitations. Particularly the linear bearing along the X axis (the long one). This flexed under cutting loads and caused deflection problems that meant the cutting speed had to be restricted. However, the machine was easily capable of some very useful work.

In fact, I used the machine to cut out all parts for a second machine based on the Joe's CNC 2006 model from same CNCzone forums. When the second machine was in a working state, I gave away the JGRO machine to a member of the forum.


Unfortunately I didn't keep a photographic log of the build. I do have a couple of photos of the machine though.


At this point the machine was nearly finished but I had to make a mount for the router as well as attach the stepper motors.


Another view at the same stage of build.


Yet another one.


This photo shows the completed machine cutting out parts for the second machine.


Another photo of the completed machine.


Here is a video of the machine cutting out parts for the second machine.