Joe's 2006 CNC Router

From Field of Cows

After completing my first machine, the JGRO CNC Router, I wanted a bigger and better machine. Although the JGRO was very capable it required constant adjusting and was fairly limited in terms of capacity and speed. As with a lot of people that build the JGRO machine, I then used it to build a Joe's 2006 Router.

This page shows some of the build photos as well as providing other information on my machine.


The machine was designed by Joe (strangely enough) and the plans were very kindly posted on CNCzone for anyone to build. You can find the post with the downloadable plans here and an entire forum devoted to the machine here.

The area I had put aside in my garage for the machine wasn't quite large enough to take the full size machine so I downsized it by 10% in CAD software before machining the parts on the JGRO router.

Build Photos

Some photos taken during the build of the machine.


Building the box structure for the base of the machine. The interlocking ribs make an extremely stable base.


The first part I made of the new machine - the Z axis carrier.


Y axis braces before fitting of tubular linear bearing.


Completed gantry.


Completed base with reclaimed water pipe used for X linear bearing runners.


Another view of the completed base.


Gantry with steel bearing runners fitted.


Another view of completed gantry.


Almost complete. Just need to mount the router and motors.


Here is a video of the completed machine milling a PCB.